1. Account statuses
  2. Availability map statuses
  3. Change-over map statuses
  4. Booking statuses
  5. Currencies
  6. Discount Code rentals eligibility
  7. Discount Code minimum requirements
  8. Discount Code usage limit
  9. Discount Code discount value type
  10. Formats
  11. Genders
  12. Locales
  13. LOS kinds
  14. Fee kinds
  15. Fee rate kinds
  16. Payment kinds
  17. Payment gateway names
  18. Photo kinds
  19. Rental Link kinds
  20. Rates types
  21. Rates Rules types
  22. Rates Rules variables
  23. Rental types
  24. Rental residency categories
  25. Rental cancelation policies presets
  26. Rental management type
  27. Rental checkin types
  28. Inbox Message Channels
  29. Inbox Message Origins
  30. Inbox Message visibilities
  31. Rental Contact kinds
  32. Rental Contact roles
  33. Rental Certifications
  34. Rental Rounding kinds
  35. Tax kinds
  36. Partnership Invoice Recipients
  37. Damage Deposit Collection Methods

Account statuses

Status Description
trial Account currently in trial period
paying Account active and paying
suspended Suspended account, it might get active again if payment made

Availability map statuses

Status Description
0 Available
1 Booked
2 Tentative
3 Unavailable

Change-over map statuses

Status Description
X No action possible
C Check-In and Check-Out
O Check-Out only
I Check-In only

Booking statuses

Status Description
Booked A regular reservation
Tentative Tentative, this is a hold for a certain length of time
Unavailable Unavailable period, often used to mark closed seasons or maintenance
Locked Booking is locked by an other application or user
Canceled This booking have been canceled


Currency Code
إ.د AED
kr DKK

Discount Code rentals eligibility

Value Description
all_rentals Discount Code is applicable to all rentals with the same currency.
specific_rentals Discount Code is applicable to all provided rentals with the same currency. Requires rental_ids parameter to be passed.

Discount Code minimum requirements

Value Description
none Discount Code is applicable without any requirements.
minimum_nights_booked Discount Code is applicable when guest books at least specified number of nights. Requires minimum_nights_booked parameter to be passed.
minimum_spend Discount Code is applicable when guest have spent at least specified amount on booking. Requires minimum_spend parameter to be passed.

Discount Code usage limit

Value Description
none Discount Code can be used infinite amount of times
number_of_times Disco

Discount Code discount value type

Value Description
percentage Discount is a percentage of the booking total. Requires percentage parameter to be passed.
fixed_amount Discount is a fixed amount subtracted from the booking total. Required fixed_amount parameter to be passed.

Note: Fees and taxes are applied after the discount, so percentage fees will be lower, and fixed ones will apply even when the booking price is discounted to zero.


Name Description
date ISO 8601 compatible %Y-%m-%d 2014-08-21
decimal Decimal value returned as a string. Big.js is recommended for Javascript users.
object A Javascript Object.
time ISO 8601 compatible %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ 2014-08-21T08:40:44Z

Note: Translation objects are having locales as string keys and translations as string values. {"en": "Wonderful living room", "fr": "Merveilleux séjour"}




Code Name
bg Bulgarian
cs Czech
da Danish
de German
el Greek
en English
es Spanish
fi Finish
fr French
hu Hungarian
id Bahasa Indonesian
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
lt Lithuanian
lv Latvian
mk Macedonian
nb Norvegian
nl Dutch
pl Polish
pt Portuguese
ro Romanian
rs Serbian
ru Russian
sk Slovak
sv Swedish
uk Ukrainian
zh Simplified Chinese
zh-TW Traditional Chinese

LOS kinds

Name Description
rental_price_before_special_offers Price for the rent only, before special offers discounts being applied.
rental_price Price for the rent only, after all discounts applied.
final_price Price including all required fees and taxes.

Fee kinds

Name Description
other Any other type of fee
air_conditioning AC
airport_shuttle Airport shuttle
bed_linen Bed sheets and such
city_tax City tax where it’s a fixed amount
cleaning Cleaning fee
club_card Club card
conservation Conservation
credit_card Credit card
destination Destination
electricity Electricity
environment Environment
final_cleaning Final cleaning
gas Gas
heating Heating
heritage_charge Heritage charge
housekeeping Housekeeping
internet Internet
kitchen_linen Kitchen towels and such
linen_package All linens
municipality Municipality
oil Oil
parking Parking
pet_fee Pet fee
public_transit_day_ticket Public transport day ticket
resort Resort
sea_plane Sea plane
service_charge Service charge
shuttle_boat Shuttle boat
ski_pass Ski pass
tourism Tourism
towel_charge Towel
transfer Transfer
visa_support Visa support
water_park Water park
water_usage Water usage
wood Wood
wristband Wristband

Fee rate kinds

Name Description
fixed Fixed price
fixed_per_person Fixed price per person
fixed_per_adult Fixed price per adult
fixed_per_child Fixed price per child
fixed_per_night Fixed price per night
fixed_per_person_per_night Fixed price per person per night
fixed_per_adult_per_night Fixed price per adult per night
fixed_per_child_per_night Fixed price per child per night
percentage Percentage of the rental price
percentage_per_person Percentage of the rental price per person
percentage_per_adult Percentage of the rental price per adult
percentage_per_child Percentage of the rental price per child
individual_percentage_per_adult Percentage of the rental price per adult per night

Payment kinds


Internal payment kinds are not allowed to be used outside of our PCI DSS compliant payment platform flow, for more details please refer to secure payments by BookingSync.

Name Description
bookingsync Internal payment made through BookingSync.
instant-booking Internal payment made during Instant Booking flow, through BookingSync.
cash Payment made by Cash.
cheque Payment made by Cheque.
credits Payment made using Credits. Credits are money you might have kept from your guest after a cancellation.
credit-card Payment made by Credit Card.
online Payment made Online, outside of BookingSync.
paypal Payment made with PayPal, outside of BookingSync.
travel-cheque Payment made by Travel Cheque.
wiretransfer Payment made by Wire Transfer.

Payment gateway names

Name Description
booking_pay BookingPay gateway.
ogone Ogone gateway.
stripe Stripe gateway.
bogus Bogus gateway.

Photo kinds

Name Description
bathroom Bathroom’s photo.
bedroom Bedroom’s photo.
floor_plan Floor plan
inside Inside’s photo.
kitchen Kitchen’s photo.
livingroom Livingroom’s photo.
outside Outside’s photo.
surroundings Surroundings’s photo.
Name Description
mirror Mirroring rental link

Rates types

Name Description
nightly The reference rate is nightly based.
weekly The reference rate is weekly based.

Rates Rules types

Rates Rules explanation

Name Description Variables Requires fixed period (start_date/end_date)? Percentage required? Fixed amount required?
additional_person_fixed_per_night Rule applied for stay price occupation_greater_than   false true
arrival_only Rule applied on arrival. days   false false
charge_at_least Rule applied for stay price. length, unit   false false
charge_at_least_if_available Rule applied for stay price. length, unit   false false
charge_at_least_full_period Rule applied for stay price.   true false false
departure_only Rule applied on departure. days   false false
early_booking Rule applied on early booking. length, unit   true false
full_period_only Rule applied for full period.   true false false
late_booking Rule applied for late booking. length, unit   true false
occupation_less_than Rule applied for stay period. occupation_less_than   true false
prevent_gap Rule applied on arrival. length, unit, until_length, until_unit   false false
prevent_if_booked_ahead_of Rule applied if booked ahead. length, unit   false false
prevent_if_booked_less_than Rule applied if booking is too short. length, unit   false false
stay_at_least Rule applied for minimum stay. length, unit   true false
stay_shorter_than Rule applied for short bookings. length, unit   true false
strict_minimum_price_per_night Rule applied for minimum price per night.     true false
weekend_night Rule applied for weekend night. days   true false

Rates Rules variables

Name Description
length Number
unit Array of enums: days, months, years
until_length Number
until_unit String, possible values: “days”, “months”, “years”
occupation_less_than Number
occupation_greater_than Number
days Array of integers between 0 and 6 (Sunday is 0, Saturday 6)

Rates Rules explanation

Rental types

New Rental types

From 3rd of June 2020 six new rental types will be available:

mill, manor, bastide, longere, gite, mas

Name Description
apartment Apartment
bastide Bastide
boat Boat
bungalow Bungalow
bed-and-breakfast Bed & breakfast
cabin Cabin
castle Castle
cave Cave
chalet Chalet
condominium Condominium
cottage Cottage
dormitory Dormitory
earth-house Earth House
farmhouse Farmhouse
gite Gite
holiday-home Holiday Home
house House
hut Hut
igloo Igloo
island Island
lighthouse Lighthouse
loft Loft
longere Longere
manor Manor
mas Mas
mill Mill
plane Plane
private-room Private room
private-room-in-apartment Private room in an apartment
private-room-in-house Private room in a house
recreational-vehicle Camper/RV
studio Studio
tent Tent
tipi Tipi
townhouse Townhouse
train Train
treehouse Treehouse
villa Villa
yurt Yurt

Rental residency categories

Name Description
primary_residence Primary residence.
secondary_residence Secondary residence.
non_residential Non residential.

Rental cancelation policies presets

Name Description
flexible Full refund till 24 hours prior to check-in. If the guest cancels less than 24 hours before check-in, the first night is not refundable. The rest of the stay is refunded. Fees are 100% refundable
moderate Full refund till 5 days prior to check-in. If the guest cancels less than 5 days before check-in, the first night is not refundable. The rest of the stay is 50% refundable. Fees are 100% refundable
strict Full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking, if the check-in date is at least 14 days away. 50% refund for cancellations made at least 7 days before check-in. No refunds for cancellations made within 7 days of check-in. Fees are 100% refundable
moderate20200317 Full refund till 5 days prior to check-in. If the guest cancels less than 5 days before check-in, the guest is refunded 50% of the stay. Cleaning and linen fees are 100% refundable. No refunds at all after check-in
strict20200317 If the guest cancels up to 7 days before check-in, the guest is refunded 50% of the stay. Cleaning and linen fees are 100% refundable. If the guest cancels less than 7 days before check-in, the stay is not refundable. Cleaning and linen fees are 100% refundable. No refunds at all after check-in

Rental management type

Name Description
professional Professional.
non_professional Non professional.

Rental checkin types

Name Description
in_person In-Person greeting
lockbox Lockbox
smart_lock Smart Lock
24_hours_staff 24 hour building staff
other Other (you must send instructions using Rental#checkin_details field)

Inbox Message Channels

Name Description
airbnb Airbnb
homeaway HomeAway
email Email
booking-com Booking.com

Inbox Message Origins

Name Origin
bookingsync_inbox BookingSync Inbox
airbnb_message Airbnb message
airbnb_email Airbnb email
booking-com Booking.com
homeaway HomeAway
tripadvisor TripAdvisor
email Email
messenger Messenger
whatsapp WhatsApp
inquiry Inquiry
sms SMS

Inbox Message visibilities

Name Description
internal Internal visibility
external External visibility

Rental Contact kinds

Name Description
owner Contact is an owner
manager Contact is a manager

Rental Contact roles

Name Description
general For general purposes
contract For contract
reservations For reservations information
invoices Regarding invoice
availability Regarding availability
site_content Regarding site content
parity For parity information
requests Handling requests
central_reservations Regarding central reservations

Rental Certifications

Key Allowed values
meubles_de_tourisme 1_etoile 2_etoiles 3_etoiles 4_etoiles 5_etoiles
gites_de_france 1_epi 2_epis 3_epis 4_epis
clevacances 1_cle 2_cles 3_cles 4_cles
accueil_velo accueil_velo

Rental Rounding kinds

Name Description
no-rounding No rounding
round-up Rounds to the integer that is just above
closest-exact Rounds to the closest tens (e.g. from 362 to 370)
closest-marketing Rounds to the closest marketing number (i.e. ending with 9, e.g. from 362 to 369)

Tax kinds

Name Description
value_added Value added tax (VAT)
city City tax
goods_and_services Goods and services tax
government Government tax
spa Spa tax
hot_spring Hot spring tax
residential Residential tax
sauna_fitness_facilities Sauna/fitness facilities tax
local_council Local council tax
provincial_sales Provincial sales tax
harmonized_sales Harmonized sales tax
other Other tax

Partnership Invoice Recipients

Name Description
account Account owner will be getting invoices
smily Smily will be getting invoices

Damage Deposit Collection Methods

Name Description
with_smily Smily will handle the damage deposit
external Damage deposit is collected externally (outside Smily). This needs damage_deposit_external_collection_method_name to be filled in
smily_damage_deposit_with_swikly Smily will handle the damage deposit (with Swikly). Only available for Service subscriptions